Sparky from Frankenweenie


“When you lose someone you love, they never really leave you.  They just move into a special place in your heart.”

“I don’t want him in my heart. I want him here with me.” (c) Victor and his mom from Frankenweenie movie

Pirmkārt – no visas savas melnās sirds iesaku noskatīties šo filmiņu. Vispār visi Tima Bērtona darbi ir – must see! Un otrkārt šis ir pasūtījuma darbs. Ja vēlaties kaut ko līdzīgu arī uz Jūsu sienas, lūdzu, sazinieties ar mums!

First of all – I do recommend this movie. In fact if it’s made by Tim Burton – it’s a must see!

Now, this is a custom job, but if you do want something similar on your wall or canvas – feel free to contact us!



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